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ZFSE Services: Network Administration

Posted: November 01, 2017

Learn more about Zerofail Southeast's Network Administration Services

What is Network Administration?

According to Webopedia, a network administrator: "focuses on maintaining an organization's data management network. The IT network extends to the corporate LAN, WAN, intranet, and Internet. Users rely on this web of networking technology to communicate and share, store, and process information. The IT network administrators are responsible for maintaining a reliable, secure, and efficient data communications network. Typically, a network administrator job requires a bachelor's-level information technology or computer science degree. An online IT degree in networking offers the necessary computer training in a convenient digital format. IT network administrators can also build specialized expertise with IT certification programs such as the CompTIA Network+ certification."

How can Zerofail Southeast Assist Me?

Zerofail Southeast (ZFSE) is an IT Support Services Provider for everything IT. We have several engineers as part of our team to provide you with network administration services. This includes designing, building and maintaining your network infrastructure. Most businesses can barely afford one network administrator let alone two for backup purposes. That is why ZFSE is a perfect fit for you. We are an extension of your team with multiple resources to ensure you are always covered.

ZFSE network administration includes: antivirus, cybersecurity, documentation, hosting, online backups, patches and updates. Our team can handle everything from assisting with your Internet Service Provider, cabling, virtualizing and hosting your server environment, etc.

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