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Week 1: National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Posted: October 02, 2017

Simple Steps to Online Safety

The focus for Week 1 is all members of the public can take some simple actions to protect themselves online and to recover in the event a cyber incident occurs. Week 1 will address the top consumer cybersecurity concerns, provide simple steps to protect against these concerns, and help the public understand what to do if they fall victim to cybercrime.

Here are a few recommendations for avoiding cyber threats:

  • Education: A majority of incidents are caused by human error. Educating users is the best defense against cyber threats. 
  • Backups: Prevent data loss by backing up all of your data. Both onsite and online backups are necessary in today's environment. The newest versions of cryptolocker malware encrypts data on your entire network.
  • Protection: Ensure your firewall is configured properly and antivirus, malware, web filtering and email filtering are setup.

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